Lock – Jawed Crappie

A Trick for Lock-Jawed Crappie

Crappie get picky, especially after the spawn. We’ve all had one of those days when the crappie just won’t bite. You know they are there, you can see them on your graph. Try this little trick to get even those lock jawed crappie to bite. You’ll need 2 poles. One rigged with a minnow under a bobber. Rig the other pole with a large crankbait or spinner.

      1. Cast out your minnow under the bobber where the crappie are sitting.

      2. Cast the lure rig past the bobber and let it drop to that depth.

      3. Reel in your lure as quickly as you can towards the bobber.

      4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as needed.

You’ll find that you get lots of strikes on the bobber setup because crappie think another fish is coming for the bait and it’s natural survival instinct is to attack the bait first. Good luck and good catching !

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