Club and Membership Information

William’s Creek Crappie Club Organization

Mission Statement:

 The club’s purpose is to promote Crappie Fishing on Lake Fork, TX.  Through meeting and special events members will learn various fishing facts and techniques to improve their overall crappie fishing skills.  Members keep in touch at the monthly meetings, on the website: “”, and through E-mail at:“”.

Club Officers: 

President – Danny Kemp

Vice Pres.-  Dennis Smith

Sec./ Treas. – Raymond Montgomery

Club Coordinator – Bob Parkinson

Duties of Officers:

President is the first in command – Represents the WCCC, officiates club meetings, and schedules guest speakers. The Vice Pres. is the second in command and works with clubs sponsors. The VP also perform the duties of the President in his absents. The Secretary keeps track of the meeting minutes – what was discussed, any conclusion that were made and any items that were tabled for future discussion. The Treasurer handles the clubs funds.  The Club Coordinator maintains the web site, membership information, events,  monthly Newspaper article (newsletter), and handles the G-mail inquires.

Club Meetings:

The WCCC will have a regular club meetings on a Saturday each month, except no meeting in December.  Check this web site for meeting  location and time each month.  The club officers and selected members  meet  and  plan the clubs activities and events and the meeting’s agenda.

Club Membership and Funding:

Membership dues are $25.00 per year, due in January.  Members that join in the 4th quarter of the year will have their membership carried through the next year.  The club offers a special Husband & Wife membership of $40.00 per year. Membership applications can be requested from the G-mail address above.   You must be 17 years old to join the WCCC.  Club funding will be through membership dues, club’s activities, the sell of club merchandise, and special events.