2018 Newbie Seminar Results

2018 Newbie Seminar

February 10th was the WCCC’s “NEWBIE” (new to crappie & new to Lake Fork) Seminar. We had 51 folks attend this years event. Things kicked off with coffee & muffins followed by a Spawn Presentation by Danny Kemp and David Sale. This covered the Pre-Spawn, Spawn, & the Post Spawn periods for Spring Crappie fishing. After a break the topic switched to Lake Fork familiarization and covered good fishing locations around the lake including the GPS locations of the PVC fish attractors put out around the lake. Then we broke up into groups and visited 1 of 3 tables for some individualized training for 20 minutes at each table. Table classes were about knot tying, rigging & using slip floats, & fishing with Jigs. We wrapped up with the door prize drawings where 2 folks walked out with a rigged rod & reel combo good for Spring crappie fishing. All of the jigs given away at the seminar were sponsored by Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company.


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